The Loss of My Son

Patti Adair

In Oct. of 1997 I found out I was pregnant, for my very first child. I gave birth to him on April 28 1998. I never imagined how different life would be, but, I adapted well. My son (Joseph William Adair) was the most precious gift in the whole world.

I had alot of good times and memories with my son. I had just started planning his first birthday, when he was 9 months old. I never expcted what was about to happen. I had went to bed early the night of the 10th of February. I had to be to work at 5:00 the next morning.

My alarm clock went off at 20 to 5 I got up as usual and went to get my son up, but, he did not wake up. I called 911 cause he was turning colors and I could not revive him. That morning at 5:30 a.m. my son was pronounced dead, at 9 and a half months old. I lost my son to SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

I always read about that stuff but, never thought it could happen to me. It has been 2 yrs. February 11th 2001 since I lost my son. I am currently pregnant and due February 14th 2001.

Patti Adair

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