The Little Ballplayer with the Big Heart

Mike Alejos

Daniel was diagnosed with Giant Cell Glioblastoma in Jan.1999. He underwent two surgeries, radiation and 1 yr 9 months of chemotherapy. During all of this,including two lengthy hospital stays he never complained. When asked how he was he would respond, "I'm fine."

In Feb of this year Daniel went into the hospital for a month. He was comatose for almost two weeks. One night we thought we were going to lose him. I and his mother, some friends and relatives sat by his bed waiting for that last breath. I started to read a sports book to him and after fifteen minutes he just woke up. He started rehab to restore his physical strength and teach him to walk again. Even during this gruelling set of excercises he never complained.

They told us his cancer was gone, except for two very small squiggles. He continued rehab and started a new chemo.

Then this summer the bad news came, his cancer was back. Another change of chemo. Daniel's response was, "How many times am I going to have to beat this thing?"

Well after a hard fought battle Daniel passed away quietly 9/12/00.

He was my wife and my only child. She and I are struggling with how to go on. That little boy was the reason we got up in the morning.

We miss him so much.

Thanks for listening.

Mike Alejos

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