In Memory of Aeriel Rene


My baby girl was born still on Sept.4,2000. She was born at 6:11 am after 13 hours of hard labor. She died in my womb 2 hours before i reached the hospital. Aeriels cord was wrapped around her neck twice. My doctor had sent me to the hospital roughly 2 weeks before I went into labor because on my office visit she heart tones were low. They never did an ultrasound to check on her. My doctor knew I was a high risk pregnancy because of my previous pregnancies.She was full term and totally fine up until the point I went into labor. When my contractions started it made the cord tighten which in turn cut off her air supply. When I arrived at the hopital they couldn't find a heart beat and I was dilated to 4 1/2 cm. They called my doctor to order a ultrasound to check on my little girl. Sad to say there was no heart beat, she had already passed away before her little life ever began. My doctor came in and told us she was gone, then he left the hospital. A nurse delivered my baby. I did get to see her and hold her close to me and say mommy loves you.

I miss her so much. My arms ache to hold her and my eyes fill with tears to see her just once more. My ears never got the chance to hear her cry. I feel so cheated.I know she is in heaven with our Lord and will never have to endure the pains of this world, but I am left behind with a broken heart that will never mend. Thanks for reading my story. I am truly Sorry for everyone who has lost a loved one, but my heart goes out to the mommies that got cheated as I have.


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