My Dear Sister's Death

Ann Christi

Today 10/7/00 marks 2momths and 1 day since my Sister passed. It was a Sunday. I had spoken to her on the Phone Saturday night 8/5 and all was well. On Sunday when I couldn't reach her by phone twice in the AM I went over to her home and found her in a coma - apparently from a stroke she had suffered in her sleep. I was stunned and still am . My depression and shock still hangs heavy and food just does not appeal to me at all. Now on top of her loss I must dispose of her household belongings - which not only were hers - but part of my Mom and Dad's. I have taken in her 3 cats and wish I was doing as well as they seem to be. It helps for me to unburden and I hope and Pray this will ease up a bit soon. She was ill with a bad back condition which meant she was dependent on me for alot. Our calls and visits were numerous during the day and now I feel so alone. I'm 67, now single and feel the need to unburden someone other than my few friends I have left. My close friends (5 to be exact) have passed on from cancer in just the past 4 years. They say God doesn't give you more than you can carry - but sometimes I have to question that.

Ann Christi

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Anniversary date - 8-7-00
Date of post - 10-7-00

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