In Loving Respect to My Parents

Pam Adams

As the only child of adoptive parents, losing the most important thing in your life at the age of 21 is so very hard to overcome. I loved you so much, mother and daddy. Maybe I didn't show it, due to my age and the stages I was going through, rebelliousness being the most prevalent, but I cared so much. You taught me everything a child should know. It was so hard for me to cope with your premature deaths, I was suspended for 10 years or more at the age of 21. It kept me from living my life as I should have. It stunted my spiritual growth, and only in the last 5 years or so, have I began to accept your deaths and learn to move on. Mother, you had such a facination for Hawaii, it was the prime motivator for me moving here. I had to find out why you were so enraptured with the idea of this island paradise. You gave me the courage to be different, creative and bold. Daddy, you gave me the guidelines to live by, my live is lived by your rules. I will always love and respect you both for everything you taught me.

Pam Adams

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Date of post - 10-30-00

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