Best Friends

Joseph L Dunn

I dont really know where to start, except that my mom and dad were killed in a tornado 3 and a half years ago. I lived across the street from them, in a mobile home. They lived in a brick house, they owned a mobile home park.

The twister was an F4, a big one. Yet they are gone and im still here. I was 26 when it happened. I lost everything as well as my parents. It's just weird I've got lots of anger still, but what can i do with it? I mean if someone had killed my parents thats one thing, but I can't chase down a cloud and beat it up. They were my best friends in the whole world!!

I have not talked to anyone who can fully grasp what I have been through. I miss them every day, you know all the little things we take for granted. I will never forget that day, I was in it to, but other than some reconstructive surgery imfine physically, but emotionally I died that day. I just miss them terribly, I loved them more than anything!!!! I just loved them so much.

People tell me that time heals and that's B.S. The hole in me is just as big as the day it happened. I truly wish I could find someone who understands, some one who does not read from a textbook like my therapist, but who reads from their own experience.

Mom was 61 and Dad was 65, it's just not fair. I was robbed of the best thing in life my'friends, my parents!!

When the weather gets bad, I kinda lose it and it just reminds me even more. I tried several times on different occasions to do away with myself, but it never happened. Then people tell me it wasn't your time to go with your parents, but people don't understand. I'm not talking about gettinga gun, I mean like drinking to much and such.

I believe in God but sometimes I just don't like him much!!!!

If I'm gonna be this messed up for the remainder of my life what's the point, I mean really, there is no point.

I've tried writing a goodbye letter to them but it didn't work.

I just LOVE and MISS them, B.J.and Shirley Dunn!!!!!!!!!

Joseph L Dunn

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Date of post - 10-21-00

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