My Baby Angel Samantha

Carolyn Leggans

I love to talk about my daughter Samantha. When I first got pg I was so excited I also got sick for 3months, but it was all worth it. When I was 17wks the doctor told me my daughter might have Spinal Bifida. So I went to a specialist and he said everything was fine. So when 21wks came around I went to the doctor and we heard a heart beat. My husband is military so I only get one sonogram. We went home for Easter and my mom threw me a baby shower. So I come back to NC and go to the doctor for my 27wk check up and the doctor could not find a heart beat and then we did a sonogram and found out that she had past away. So three day later I gave birth to a dead,but beautiful baby girl. I got to hold her and dress her and take pictures which I treasure very deeply. The doctors then told me that my daughter had died at 21wks. I think they were wrong because I felt her move at 24wks and so did my family. What happened was her umbilical cord by her belly button and the end on the placenta did not grow when she grew. That is why she was so little. I have talked to a lot of other doctors and they said that my doctor should have caught that with a sonogram if they would have done another one. It is just really hard rite know because I am getting tons of baby stuff in the mail. Just wanted someone to talk to.

Carolyn Leggans

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