Happy Birthday to Jane

Judith Flanagan

I am 38 years old. My sister Jane would be 39 today, September 26th 2000. She left this world suddenly on 6/10/98. She was a beautiful person. She was very kind and generous. She left befind two sons. Their ages are 16 and 17. They miss their mother deeply. Words cannot describe the loss I feel for myself but also the terrible loss I feel for her sons. I also have two sons and I can't imagine them going through life without their mother's love and support. My sister and I were only 11 months apart. From the moment I came into this world, she was there. Every memory I have includes my sister. She was my big sister, my helper, my teacher, my leader and most importantly my friend. I look into her sons' eyes and I see her face. I would love for my sister to contact me from where ever she is. I believe in angels and I am sure she is one. I have two younger sisters as well and we usually call each other on our birthdays, so this is my way of calling my sister, Jane and saying Happy Birthday to her. I would also like to thank her for her kindness, her sincere sweetness and especially for being my older sister and showing me how to be a good person. I would like to return the favor by taking care of her sons', my nephews, in her absence.

Jane, Love Always and Forever, your sister, Judy

Judith Flanagan

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Anniversary date - 6-10-98
Date of post - 9-26-00

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