Kassy's Poem

Jessica Roeder

Beauty, grace, this woman, child

Sought by death and then defiled

The youthful body with future dreams

Is now just dust or so it seems

I close my eyes and see her still

The child now gone, life's bitter pill

Was she so evil to be punished so

Her time so short barely time to know

In dreams alone I hear God laugh

A sacrifice is not a fatted calf

Life's counsel your passage to a distant shore

Sleep softly my dear, in peace shall you dwell

May death be your heaven

For life was your hell

For Kassy

When two who love are parted

And speak as friend to friend

Hold hands and sigh a little and

Know that it's the end

I will not cry my darling

Or say why this must be

The tears, the sighs, the anguish

Came later and to me

Help me Daddy, help me

Into the phone she cried

The cancer it consumes me

For already I have died

Though my heart still beats

And tears fall from my cheek

The fear it overwhelms me

And life is all I seek

Is this the end dear father

Or will I live again

Or into the void I travel

Eternity to spend

Jessica Roeder

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Anniversary date - 3-11-86
Date of post - 9-18-00

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