Mom, I Miss You So Much

Anna C. Berber-Giddings

My mother passed away at 48 yrs of age complications due to a brain tumor. Our lives will never be the same since she has passed away. She was a very hard working person, strong and perservering. She was the strongest person I will ever know. When she was diagnosed with the tumor we all felt she would pull through it with no problem. But that was not to be. She passed away almost 2 yrs later. I could not be with her during her sickness. I was going through struggles of my own. When she passed away I was minutes late of being in her presence and telling her goodbye. I live with that guilt each and everyday. She did so much for me growing up and it hurts to know that I failed her in the last moments of her life. After all these years there is never a moment that I don't miss her and hopes that she forgives me for letting her down.

I Love You Mom

For the first time in my life, I wanted what all wise men say doesn't last.

What can't be promised or made to linger any more than sunlight.

I don't want to die without having felt its warmth on my face.

-King Arthur-

Anna C. Berber-Giddings

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