I Miss My Mom, Best Friend, My Blessing

Carlene Marie Henderson

My Mom died on July 12, 2000, she had been ill, however, no one expected that she would die. I was so blessed to have a Mom like mine. We shared so many wonderful times together and I have so many happy memories of a wonderful childhood (she played jacks and Barbies with me), lovely teenage years (she took me to Europe), and my adult years. We always had fun, we shared the house and often took vacations together. She and I volunteered together and I worked for the same medical center she retired from many years earlier.

In so many ways my heart is broken, I miss her so much. I feel as though I could cry the rest of my life and barely touch the surface of the loss I feel. My sister and brother in law are having a difficult time with the loss too, we are a close family.

I just wish my Mom was still here, sometimes it feels like a dream, sometimes I forget she's gone and I think "Oh, I can't wait to tell her..." and then I remember. I wonder if I'll ever feel ok again. It is the most terrible thing to happen to me in my life. I know she's with Dad, grandmother and grandpa in Heaven, but I just miss her so much.

My heart is broken that she is not here to share all of the good things that we used to, I miss her laughter, her compassion and her smile. I don't think I will ever find another best friend like my Mom.

Carlene Marie Henderson

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Date of post - 9-19-00

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