The Loss of My Mother


I'm 16 years old and my mother passed away from a brain tumor. She was in the hospital for 4 months straight. My family new that my mom's struggle was starting to take affect. She had told me that she thought her body would give her one more month, it didn't. On aug. 7, 2000 i lost the best mother i could have ever had. The last thing i was able to say to her was that i love her and she was the bestest mother ever. She managed to tell me that she has never been more proud of me than now and she loved me. I have a lot of friends that have helped me, but they don't understand. All of them have their mothers, i'm alone. That's what i feel like all the time. alone. it's only been a month and i feel soooo empty. i feel sooo alone. if someone around my age and dealt with the loss of a cancer victim, please get in connact with me. i tired of being alone.


You can send email to Helen at [email protected]

mail welcome

Anniversary date - 8-7-00
Date of post - 9-7-00

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