Parent's Deaths

Karen Becker Martinez

The year 1994 began with excitement as my husband Paul and I anticipated the birth of our only child, Samantha Lee Martinez. She was born February 6, healthy and rarin' to go. Several days after bringing her home, my Mother called to say she wouldn't be able to help me with the baby for a while because my Dad's cancer had returned and the prognosis was not good. So I started grieving for him right then. The doctors overdosed his first chemo treatment and he never really rallied after that. He was in intensive care for a month at LDS hospital in SaltLake City. We brought him home to Bountiful about the first week of June for home care. During the time Daddy was in the hospital my Mother complained of a pain in herback, but she insisted on not going to the doctor. She sat vigilant at my Dad's side every day. We finally made her see her doctor about a week after my Dad was home. She had an intestinal problem (long story) and was given some medication. After a week or so of tests she was operated on for a blockage. The infection in her body was so extensive that Hazel Louisa Lee Becker passed away from sepsis on June 18, 1994.

My brother and I had to go home and tell Daddy that Mommy had passed away. He said to me,Karen this is a nightmare! I said I know Daddy - I know. We knew he only had a few weeks left himself. So between trying to be a good mother to my young baby and be a caring daughter to my parents, I felt like I was losing my mind. In fact I don't think I'll ever really have it together again. Well Daddy, John Henry Becker, Major U.S.Army Retired, passed on two weeks later on July 3.

They had been married 48 years. And today, August 3, 2000, would have been their 54th wedding anniversary. I miss them terribly.

Karen Becker Martinez

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Anniversary date - 6-18-94/7-3-94
Date of post - 8-3-00

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