Missing My Nephew

Jim Laughlin

I will see his smiling face until the day I die,his love of life was contagious. The day he died something inside of me died also. A large hole has been torn in my heart. I can still feel his presence all around me & hear his voice when I least expect it. I loved Greg like a son;I taught him to play ball & hockey,took him wherever I went & shared some very precious moments with him. For Greg to die by his own hand is incomprehensible to his family & friends,this was a young man who loved life,who always wore a smile & was always there to help. My own 2 sons will never be the same without Greg & will never forget him,my wife (who lost a brother when he was a teenager) is devastated by this loss,she also lost her father a few months ago & to have this thrust upon her almost put her over the edge. I pray for strength for his whole family to see this through.

God Bless Greg,we will meet again. Love, Uncle Jim

Jim Laughlin

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Date of post - 8-20-00

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