In Memory of My Dad

Melissa Arnold

My father, R.D. Arnold, was a very hard working man. He owned his own trucking business. He did very well! He was very generous! He always offered to pick up the tab if you were out to eat with him. If he seen a homeless person he would pick them up and take them where they needed to go or buy them something to eat. He was the absolute best PaPa in the world. He loved his grandchildren dearly. He would do anything for them and give them anything they wanted.

He passed away in his sleep. He did not wake up the morning of Wednesday, June 14, 2000. He was 54 years old. I miss him a lot. I do not fully understand why this has happened to such a wonderful man. I know he is here with us in spirit! I love you, Dad!

Melissa Arnold

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Anniversary date - 06-14-00
Date of post - 7-14-00

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