Not Even A Goodbye


Wayne, you left me and our new baby without even a goodbye. We needed you and loved you so much. I know that you thought we would be better off without you, but you were wrong! Brandon should have grown up with both his parents. Not just pictures, stories and visits to the cemetery. We miss you every holiday, every anniversary, every birthday, every passing day. Although time does help to lessen our pain - it will never go away. You said I was your greatest supporter and you loved us more than anything.... then why leave us alone in this world? We were supposed to live happily ever after until death did us part. I never realized how soon that day would come. We know that you are watching over us and making sure that we are taken care of, but it doesn't change the way we feel about your death. We love you and miss you and never wanted to see you go! I hope your inner pain is gone now and that you are in a "worry-free" place. We will meet you when our day comes. Until then, you are "Forever In Our Hearts".

Love, Wife, Sara, and son, Brandon


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Anniversary date - 8-20-93
Date of post - 9-7-00

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