The Love of My Life


There isn't a day goes by that I don't think of my husband, Eddy. He passed away 2 years ago to a massive heart attack while he was sleeping (Feb.19,1998) I heard these horrible sounds, there was a loud snoring sound, then a gurgling sound, so Ileaned over Eddy to see if he was O.K. and he was sobbing, Then nothing. I called 911 but I know in my heart he was gone.

Eddy was 37 years old and the love of my life, he was also my best friend, he loved me as much as I loved him and I feel really lucky to have had him in my life even through it was for a very short time.(7 years).

Eddy was an honest,fun and just an all around great guy. He will always be in my heart and I will always love him, I am so glad I met him when I did and it was a great privilege to be his wife.

My life and this house are so empty now and the feeling of being so special and cherished by someone is gone. I miss him so much that I kiss his picture daily and I talk to him often.

I am still trying to work thru my grief even after 2 years have passed, It still seems like everything happened yesterday.

When Eddy died a part of me went with him, I feel like I am at a stand still, just getting by until it is my time to go be with my Eddy again, After this experience I have told everyone I know, not to take anything for granted, It could all be gone in an instant.

I went to bed that night a happily married woman with the man of my dreams by my side and I woke up a 47 year old widow.

All my love to you Eddy.

Your loving wife,


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Anniversary date - 2-19-98
Date of post - 8-21-00

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