My Myrna

George D. Donachy

I had been divorceed six years. I was very lonely and prayed every night I would meet someone that loved me and I loved them. Previous to this time a friend Dori invited me to her class reunion. I accepted. When we arrived she met a classmate and they became involved and it left Mary's friend Myrna and I without anyone to talk with. As soon as I saw her I fell in love with her. She was beautiful blonde. blue eyes, tall erect and a personality beyond reproach.

We were married in three months. We had a beautiful marriage. She was a widow and I was divorced. I was a retired footrball coach and educator. She was a legal secretary. We went on cruises Hawaii and all over the world. Our life was as perfect as one could desire. She was twelve yrs younger than I. She had two children and I three.

The last five years I had an accident and was in a wheel chair. She took great care of me. She was very healthy and and active. A great lover and wife in all aspects.

On Dec 15,1999 she died of Cancer of the liver, being ill a short period of time. Tears are rolling from my eyes. I can't understand I loved her so and we were so happy. I pray day after day and no relief. I feel I may being punished for my past. My children are of no help. I have a Care Giver. She has been some help I'm very depressed and can't sleep without Ativan. I really feel lost.

I realize I need a container. MY computer and dog have been of some help. I am now eighty yrs of age. Myrna was sixty eight.

George D. Donachy

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Date of post - 7-13-00

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