Husband's Unconditional Love


I am grieving really hard . Sometimes I don't think I can keep breathing, it hurts so much. I just lost my husband, Bill, on June 23, 2000. He was 61 and had a bad heart for a long time. He fought and beat the odds many times to stay here with me.

I wasn't as worthy of him as he deserved and I can't ever make it up now. I have to somehow live with that. He wouldn't want me to berate myself, I know.

He adored me and never could see my flaws or he just loved me too much to care. He was about the most giving, unselfish person you could know.

He would drive around an old beat-up car on it's last legs and then give his car repair money to a coworker widow to get her car fixed instead. He saw an apartment building on fire and, before the fire department got there, he ran in to see if any people needed help getting out. He came out choking and gasping - he put his life on the line for people he didn't even know! Not many would do that...I can never fully express how highly I regard him.

I had the best man any woman ever had. I miss you, Bill and I will love you forever. I don't want to live to a ripe old age any longer. My dearest wish and prayers will be for us to be reunited soon, God willing.

Your wife always,


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Date of post - 7-11-00

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