JP Was Just Perfect

Kari McKinney

My friend J.P. was a wonderful guy. He was good looking, funny, and a perfect gentleman. He first walked into my place of work to apply for a job, and I got to do the interview. Of course, I was excited because he was a good looking guy, who was flirting with me. He was just sooo charming and funny. He was hyper as well, spilling what could have been a long and drawn out story about his last boss in a matter of seconds, but I got his point. My manager asked me if we should give JP a chance to work, and I told her that I thought he would do great.

JP arrived at the store ready to work about a week later. He looked great in our button down uniform shirts and khaki pants. I remember that the first day he came to work, he thought that he was going to be working especially for me, and was crushed when he found out that he wasn't.

JP just cared about everyone. When we dressed up nice for work, he would comment on how good we looked. It was the little things that made JP great.

And it's a shame that someone else made bad choices that killed JP, and four other people between the ages of 19 and 23 a few days ago in Chattanooga, Tennessee. And to boot, another one of my friends was that made those choices, driving the car that left the road doing 100 miles an hour, flipped into three trees, and came to rest on top of another one of the passengers. I don't know how to feel when my friend killed another one of my friends.

JP was crushed. He died instantly. And I thank God for that. I don't understand why God took my JP away, but it was his time to go, and I must accept that. I've been crying for three days now, and it helps for me to get things like this out. I encourage anyone that wants to contact me to do so.

Kari McKinney

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