Dear Aaron


Your chair and desk are sitting empty in our classroom today,

Just yesterday you were playing, working and fooling around,

My mind's image of your round-eyed face won't go away,

Now your absence brings to us a strange silent sound.

The other kids aren't talking much,

Not like they usually do,

They're trying to do their work and such,

But really, they're thinking of you.

This absence is different; we know what came about,

In the night, several hours ago, your life was ended;

The news reports said by the time the fire was out,

You were never to play again with kids you had befriended.

I can hear kids talking,

Aaron's dead." they're saying,

And Shurell comes up to ask me, to see if they're playing.

"Yes," is all I can say, and she stands frozen with fear.

If I say any more now, I will burst into tears.

I would like to cry, and just let my words come out,

But I can see the kids get scared when they look at me...

They can see that, at the same time. I'd also like to shout...

Because I'm angry; and this is not how I want it to be.

This is a Friday morning and everyone should be glad it's here...

The end of a long week, yet instead it's this day that stretches out so long,

Today we are filled with sorrow, anger, grief, hurt and fear,

This is not how we should be starting our weekend song.

This is not how Taleigha, Craig, you, Eugene and Michelle

Should be leaving us; like a knife through our hearts...

We are furious about the fiery hell

That took you, ripped so many souls apart.

Your face with its two great pools of brown for eyes

Keeps popping into my mind, with every breath,

The simplest of things make my brain paralyzed...

Because there are changes in routine caused by your death...

For instance, we go to take our spelling test and,

Aaron G. asks if he has to still put a G. after his name.

"No...I guess not." I say, and we begin sadly to understand,

That alot of things soon, will not remain the same.

I go to write the number of kids on the attendance slip...

Usually I write without thinking, twenty-one,

Today I know, as reality begins to take a grip of my mind:

I have to change the one to a zero, then I'm done.

But not really...

I have to place your name card in a file.

In my records book now your column will be barren...

Maybe not useless, I'll keep it there awhile...

Just to remind me that a boy named Aaron...

Who walked gently through our lives,

Still lives among us, but in a different way.

We love you, Aaron, and we will always remember you.

Ms. R.

Your Second Grade Teacher


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