Forever Gone/No Judgment/Angelica

Wendy Sherone

In honor of my best friend and soulmate Ann Atkins-Dwortzan. Annie committed suicide on Feb. 2, 2000 just 5 days before her 35 birthday. I believe Annie gave me the gift of writing poetry, because I have never written a poem in my

life until 2 days after her death. Since then, I have written close to 100. Three of them will be published this summer. I will be getting a book together, a book of grieving. There's so much I want to tell you about my

Annie, but now after almost 5 months of some very intense grieving, I feel numb, and so all I can do is share with you a couple of poems.


Forever Gone

And in the morning I have to remind myself again

that you are gone

Why did you leave me?

My heart feels as though it will burst from the pain

My sorrow filters through every inch of my soul

How do I accept that you are really dead?

Please someone tell me

When will my heart find peace once again?

My confidence is withered, my trust withheld

The world continues, that is for certain

but the void in my soul

Is everlasting

I miss my smile, I miss my laughter

I miss the person I was

when you were a part of my world

Part of me seems to have gone with you

And it is all I can do, to find strength and the courage

To fill the emptiness you left behind

What a tremendous burden

You have placed on my soul

To resurrect my smile in this sea of sorrow and dispair

But I stand with courage in the fire to rediscover


And will have to be content

with just having your soul

Always and forever

a part of me.


No Judgment

No judgment do I place

On this sorrow in my soul

It surrounds my very being

And lingers in every space

Dark, shadowy images

No brightness do I see

Inwardly feeling awkward

Not knowing where to be

Tightness around my heart

As if it's being squeezed

Always it is there

No place to retreat

Innocence taken away

Sweetness of life demanding reassurance

Taking one moment at a time

To this darkness I will not sway

No judgment, no plan

Just the sorrow

And it is right now

All that I am




Has any one seen my Annie

She was here

not long ago

with her loving heart & gentle spirit

Her presence lit up a room

Her house was her sanctuary

Where friends gathered to share stories

A lady in white

Surrounding herself with flowers and music

We called her Angelica

We called her our friend

Her soul touched our souls

Peacefully she moved about her joyous garden

Her elegant smile and joyous laughter filled our ears

Just to see her one more time


Forever you will grace our memories

Wendy Sherone

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Anniversary date - 2-2-00
Date of post - 6-25-00

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