Loss of a Wonderful Friend and Person


The reason I felt I needed to do this was to help the grieving process. My friend Chris and me have been friends for many years. Chris was diagnosed with diabetes when he was little, and over the years the diabetes has resulted in both legs being amputated and many long nights in the hospital.

I called Chris today to talk to him, only to be told that he had passed away. His mom said that they tried to call, but the number they had was the old one and she needed me to be there. Over the course of the time between January and June, I tried to call a couple times but to no avail. I wanted Chris to see me get married in January, but I was told that he was sick. He couldn't make it. Chris's funeral was on my wedding day, and right now that is eating at me. His nieces have been trying to get me and Chris to marry each other for years and I watched them on several occasions. They talked to me, and told me that everything would be alright, but even now to lose him just crushes everything inside of me. We went through many rough times together. And still we managed to be there. He was a brother to me, and I could tell him anything. Just as he could with me. I don't know how quite to let everything out, but eventually I know that I will deal with it.

Chris wherever you are, I know your happy and healthy. I will take care of the girls and love them with everything I have. I love you and I miss you. Thank you for being a wonderful friend and brother.


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Date of post - 6-16-00

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