Our Angel Watching Over Us


My name is Kim. I am writing this two days after my infant cousin was born very prematurely.

My cousin was pregnant with her fifth child. We found out on the same day that we were both expecting. Our due dates were three days apart. We were both excited that we would be sharing our pregnancies together.

We both were having wonderful pregnancies. On June 12, 2000, she called me in a panic. She was bleeding and cramping. She needed to get to the hospital but her husband couldn't be contacted so I took her instead. Her doctor met us there and after a couple exams and an ultrasound, he told us that the baby was dying. She had a decision to make. Whether to induce labor or let nature take its course. Her husband finally arrived and they decided to let nature take it's course. We all sat there watching the fetal monitor for several hours. The baby's heartrate was slowly dropping. When the heartrate hit zero and stayed there, they started the labor with pitocin and breaking her water. Her labor was very short and she soon delivered her baby girl.

Her baby weighed 9 ounces and was perfectly formed. The baby was a beautiful little girl who was named, Kimberly Jessica. We all held her and loved her as heartbreaking as it was, we eventually had to say goodbye.

She was buried today under an oak tree next to her daddy's step-father and his parents ( my grandparents). We all know that she was allowed to pass through my cousin's body onto the celestial plane for a reason. To safely land in God's arms to play and grow and to be happy. We know she is up there playing with all the other little angels watching over us and their siblings.

I won't say goodbye Kimberly. I will see you later.

Hugs and kisses,

Your "auntie" Kim


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