Twin Angels

Angela K Myers

In memory of my twin sons who only got 1 hour to live. They were loved dearly and will not suffer anymore.


When all that's left is memories..

What can make us carry on ?

When all that's left is heart ache..

The days they seem so long.

What happens after this I wonder every day..

What is all these memories

Begin to fade away...

What happens when your life is shattered..

Can you still go on ?

What do you do when the tears start to fall

Every time you hear that one song ?

How do you pick up the pieces ?

How do you even try to mend..

When all that's left are memories

Until we can hold our babies again ?

Comfort me Oh Lord I plead,

Bless me with your peace..

Cover me with Love my Lord

Help me find the strenth..

Some one stop this hurting Take away this pain,

Give them back to me again and let me laugh and sing

I know I am only waiting

For that special day I know that I should praise and laugh

But today..

I feel only pain.

We love you and will miss you eternally

Mom & Dad

Angela K Myers

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Anniversary date - 7-1-00
Date of post - 7-5-00

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