My Angel


On April 8th, of 2000, my 16mth.old daughter and I were involved in a one car accident. I was driving my car at a rate of apprx. 40 mph. when I remember looking back to see her sleeping and then not remembering the impact.

As I came to I didn't know where I was, even though I was only a 1/4 ml. from my home, if even that far. I immediately turned and called my daughters name. Brooklyn did not respond, so I took my right arm(in which I later learned that my right elbow was in fact broken) and I reached for her and lifted her head, I saw immediately an abrasion that led me to think that her neck was broken.

I knew at this point that my baby was hurt very badly. I began to fight intensively to no avail to get out of my door. In the meantime, I could hear voices, screaming to call 911, to get an ambulance. It was at this time that a man appeared in my passenger side window,I pleaded with him, telling him that my baby was hurt and to please help her. He then preceeded to tell me that I was bleeding and that I had to get out of the car, so he pulled me out of the car through the passenger side.

When I was pulled from the car, I was taken to the back of my car, it's from there that I don't remember. I don't remember much at all until she was placed in the back of the ambulance, myself in the front. I was asking the paremedics if she was breathing, they responded by telling me that they were breathing for her. They also told me that we were going to pick a doctor up on the way to the hospital, I began pleading with them to just help her.

When we arrived at the hospital, once again my memory was vague, not seeing faces but hearing voices. I refused treatment telling them that I had to be with my baby. It was at this point that they were trying to stabalize her so that they could transport her to another hospital.

Family had already been notified and they were coming into the emergency room, including Brooklyns father, who was on his way home and saw the car in it's final resting place.

I never felt much pain with my injuries until we were reaching the other hospital, that's when I looked at Woody(Brooklyns father) and told him that I was hurting somewhat badly. I was taken in to that emergency room and treated upon arrival.

Then the horror began. I layed there what seemed to be forever, crying that all I wanted was to be with my baby. I needed to be with my baby.

Brooklyn was taken up to the childrens intensive care unit 30 min. prior to my treatmentbeing completed. I was then taken in to see her. What I saw goes without describing. All that I could think of was how sorry I was to have let this happen.

Four days passed, with the doctors doing test after test and taking us in to that conference room everytime to tell us of there findings. We knew that it was in fact hopeless.

My daughter had recieved severe brain trauma, a collapsed lung (in which they had repaired),and a severe spinal injury. We were then faced with that one thing that every parent dreads, and that was, did we love her enough to let her go.

On April 12, 2000, I had an appointment at the orthepedic clinic adjoining the hospital, it was on this day that I not only learn that I in fact would need surgery to repair my broken elbow, but it would be the day in which I would let my daughter go.

Brooklyn is and will always be the love of my life. She was my only child. I have no regret for letting her go.

Brooklyn was a very special little girl. She was very intelligent for her age, she was an extremely happy little baby, and also extremely independant, always wanting to do everything on her own.

Brooklyns father and I have no regret for not loving her enough, we know that she had more love in her 16 months of life than some people do in their entire existance. We never took the time with her for granted, we cherished each and every second that God allowed us with her. Although this doesn't even begin to lesson the pain that we now feel, it does give me a sense of peace knowing where she is and knowing that one day I will join her again where I will able to hold her for eternity. Until then, I will do what it takes to make my daughter proud.

Mommy and Daddy miss you so very much Brooklyn, and we will love you more than anything in the whole wide world forever until we are united again.

Hugs and Kisses for my Angel Baby.


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