I Never Thought It Could Happen To Me

Danielle Shere Rider

People always say " I nothing bad ever happens to me" I was the worlds worst about saying that. The summer of 1998 my dad and I were just talking about random stuff on our many trips to my grandmother's house and the subject death came up. And I gingerly said "Dad stop talking about that that will NEVER HAPPEN !"

That next Christmas was the last time I saw my father because he lived in Texas and I live in Alabama. We had the best time that Christmas it seemed like we did so much in that two weeks it was unreal. We went to the movies, go-cart tracks, and so many other thing we usually only did during the summer never on Christmas vacation. Because Christmas time we would just kinda stay around the house.

The day I found out my dad had gone to Heaven was the worst day of life my dad and I were so close. He was the kind of person that everyone liked loved and honored. What has really helped me was my FAITH in GOD he has picked me up when I was down. My Aunt Janet told me this the day he died "God takes the people who he thinks will make excellent Angels."

Thank you and God Bless,

Danielle Shere Rider

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Anniversary date - 4-3-99
Date of post - 6-11-00

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