My Daddy, My Best Friend

Larissa Kluth

It's been 4 days since I lost my best friend, My Daddy to colon cancer. I don't know where to begin, my mind is jumbled with a thousand things I want to say.To me this man was invincible, my superman. He taught me everything. Right from wrong, how to walk and talk. Even how to bait my own hook while fishing. I miss him so much. this pain that I feel is unbearable. I not only mourn for me, but for the 7 grandkids he left behind who will never know how wonderful Grandpa was. I close my eyes and I can still hear his voice.

But Most of all I want the world to know James Kluth was here and He will always be my superman.. I love you Daddy.

Always , Larissa (lari beth)

Larissa Kluth

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Anniversary date - 4-24-00
Date of post - 4-28-00

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