My Heart is Empty

Gina Bowman

This has been a tough 9 months. June 26th of 1999, I lost my mother to C.O.P.D. Now april 18th 2000, I lost my father. I'm not real sure of how to cope with all this, except I take it one day at a time, and I have a lot of support. I cry alot ,and I think that is good. It help's to ease the pain. With God's help I will make it through. Today is Easter, and holiday's are really hard, especially since they just buried my dad Friday April 21st. I pray a lot and do a lot of surfing on the web for wonderful site's like these.

Gina Bowman

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Anniversary date - 6-26-99 / 4-18-
Date of post - 4-23-00

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