In Memory of My Mother: Lupe Garcia Hernandez


I feel so sad to think about my mom's childhood. I really don't think She knew where she came from, because she was raised by her grandparents Which she loved very dearly. She never knew what name to carry for she Never really knew who her father was. But she always told us stories of Her growing up, she has a lot of memories but some of them are not very Good. She was abused by her grandmother, she says that my great-great Mother was a very sick women. She had rheumatoid arthritis and was Always in a lot of pain, so she feels that is 0ne of the reasons that she Could not look after her the way she wanted too. But she has very fond Memories of her grandpa who did the best that he could. She then Married my father which was another abuse, she thought that was a way of Life. After her and my father were married she also contracted arthritis Which she never recovered. I just feel my poor mother never had a chance To find real happiness. I think the only happiness she found was in her 5 daughters and the grandkids. I love my mother so much and will always Be in my life, even if she passed away on Jan. 8, 1999. She has a long Life story and if you care to hear more about it let me know.


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Anniversary date - 1-8-99
Date of post - 4-8-00

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