How Suicide Touched My Life

Corky Osborne

Five months ago tomorrow was the wost day of my entire life. I am 33 years old the mother of 4 children and have delt with alot of different things in my life, such as the death of my mother and father,both from cancer, but nothing ever prepared me for the phone call I recieved at 10:26pm on November 10,1999.

My two oldest children live in another state with their father and because I had recently moved and not given them my phone number yet,they had to get ahold of me through my sister.

The phone rang when I had already gone to bed,so I was a little "sleepy" when I answered it.It was my 17 year old niece and she was crying. First I thought something was wrong with my sister,then reasoned if that was it her husband would have been calling not my niece. I asked her what was wrong and she took a few minutes to tell me my son James (also17) had just called her, "Johnny hung himself, he died today" I felt like I was dreaming,I dropped the phone and screamed.

There had to be a mistake,not my 15 year old son,not Johnny. He was too loving and full of life. Well,from that moment on nothing has been the same for me. I manage to get through the days tho I'm not sure how. There are times that I become overwhelemd with grief and do nothing but cry about everything. All I can do is pray that he is at peace and that I will find my way out of this dark room I've been in since the phone rang that night.

Corky Osborne

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Anniversary date - 11-10-99
Date of post - 4-9-00

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