My Dad's Brother and My Uncle

Tina C

I am writing this to help my dad. His brother died a couple of days ago on an airplane on his way home to see his family. My dad didn't get to talk to him before he died. The last time he talked to him was 8 months ago. My dad is extremely upset because he loved his brother so much and his brother always stood up for him. My uncle was a very good hearted man. He was always nice to everyone and always offered to help with any situation. I know my dad would want people to acknowledge the fact that a very kind person passed away. I know that my uncle and my dad would appreciate it very much if people would pray for him. We know he is in heaven we just want to be sure that he knows his whole family loves him and misses him very much. My dad loved his brother and I know that he hopes his brother knows that. Thank You!

Tina C

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Date of post - 4-9-00

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