My Mighty Oak

Jacie Stralko Duca

My mom was a woman of great strength and courage. She underwent approximately 32 surgical proceedures in the 75 years that God allowed her to be one with the universe. Not all were major surgeries and none due to any terminal illness. Mom was just a sickly person. Her last surgery (an amputation below the knee was the most traumatic for not only her, but the entire family. We watched her struggle daily to try to conform to everyday activities while in her wheelchair. I remember going to physical thereapy with her one time when she wanted to show me how well she was doing in attempting to walk with her artificial leg.I choked back the tears as I watched her grasp the bars and grimmace in pain. Mama said that in time she was gonna dance just lkie Ginger Rogers.But that never came to be in spite of all her long hours at physcial therapy and all the prayer chains going for her.She really never left her chair. After 2 years of being an amputee God called home home on May 24th of last year. I refer to my Mom as "My Mighty Oak", because she taught me how to go on in life even when the most difficult things happen,and you think theres just no hope. She taught me to look adversity straight in the eye and not to give in nor ever give up. From my dear mother I learned the strongest of virtues being both Faith and Love. I miss mom terribly,but I know that she is no longer in pain,and I know that she indeed is dancing with the angels. In conclusion, if you are at odds with your parents or have not told them lately how special they are or how much you love them......Please dont wait to tell them. Do it now.Because tomorrow may be too late. Rest in Peace Mama. I Love You . Your Phooey

Jacie Stralko Duca

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