Brad, Can You Still Hear Me?

Erica Christine Fistler

Brad was my first love. He and I met and fell in love almost instantly my freshman year in high school. After years of realizing that we just couldn't be together (we fought like brother and sister), we became friends. Although most of the time it felt as if we were more than that.

Like everyone says, "you never stop loving your first love." That was very true for us. We even ended up at the same college together. He had other girlfriends, and I had other boyfriends, yet still we had each other. Like all friends, we had nicknames,inside jokes and special secrets that I will always cherish.

He died instantly in a car accident 2 days after our spring semester ended. I now cannot help but wonder if he can hear or see me now that he's gone. If I only knew that I could still talk to him like before, knowing that he could hear me, things would be so much easier. My heart now aches like I never knew it could.

To Bradley Lawrence Doser: You meant more to me than words can barely express, and I will always love you, cherish you, remember you, smile for you, cry for you, and adore you.


Erica Christine Fistler

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Date of post - 6-1-00

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