Our Little Pillar of Strength

Michelle Van Der Merwe

Andrew's life started off a little different to most. He was born with extrophy of the bladder - which is a congenital defect of the bladder and at 1 day faced an operation. When I heard I cried and cried and couln't belive he and his parents would be faced with this. I then began to collect as much info. as possible on this defect and realised - there is light at the end of the tunnel and can be correct over a period of time.

Little Andrew had to be on antibiotics everyday until he they had correct his defect completely. He was faced with only being potty trained a four or five due to this and lon term question which he may have had to face - such as fetility and continents. Through this difficult time Andrew was the pillar of strength always smiling always happy. He had these huge blue eyes which looked at you as if you where the only person in th world.

When only two months we was admitted to hospital with an ecoli infection and was grvaely ill. Then in the December while on holiday stopped breathing three times. They later found out he had an etremely bad case of reflux which caused this. His parent where told that we would eventully grow out of this between the ages of 8 to 12 mnths.

He was only eight months beautiful and healthier then he had ever been. My husband and I had just come back from an Overseas holiday and brought back the cutest little things that Sunday. On Wensday at five am we received the fatfull call my sister phoned in panic saying paramedics where working on him could I come. i rushed as fast as I could but missed he had gone just as I arrive. Our beautifull little angel who'd been so brave so happy and such a blessing - gone with no explanation. This makes no sense but all I can say is Thank You God For Lending Us this beautiful little boy for eight wonderful months. He tought us all a very hard lesson that life is short and life is what you want it to be through all the medicines and all the painful bladder infections he never gave up and never complained - he was aways happy always peaceful.

It has only been almost 3 weeks and is as hard as hell. My sister and I still cry everday. We know he is in a better place . A place where is is whole a place where has no pain and most of all a place where is happy every day every moment.

We is missed by all his family but mostly Caleb his brother of three and half.

Kind Regards

Michelle Van Der Merwe

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