In Honor of Sarah Michell Wilson


In honor of Sarah Michell Wilson

November 11, 1994-September 3, 1997

I waited 10yrs for my only sister to have a baby. In

1994 we gave up hope, Patty was heavy set and had female problems and didn't know she was pregnant! She went to the doctor as she wasn't feeling well and found out she was 9 months pregnant! I was SO happy. I can not describe the love I have for my niece, Sarah, and for my sister..what a deep love!

She was a few months shy of her 3rd birthday when she suddenly got what seemed to be the flu. She was so ill and when red blotches appeared on her body they took her to the ER, that was around 10 p.m. and she died at 12:20am. She had a rare form of meningitis and was blind the last hour of her life.

She is missed daily and loved heart is broken for the pain my sister must live with for the rest of her life. A favorite saying of hers regarding Sarah is "This is not a period on her existence, it is just a comma". We long for the day when we will all see her again in Heaven, tho it is a painful journey as we wait to get there, Sarah had a place in our hearts that can not be filled by anyone else.

I am 39yrs old, happily married for 9 yrs my children are 3 boys ages 20,8,6 and a daughter age 19 and a 1yr year old granddaughter


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Anniversary date - 9-3-97
Date of post - 5-1-00

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