I Have Sinned, Lord

Erich Geisler

"I have sinned, Oh Lord. You took in your possession one of the greatest lives that ever lived. Nathan Wilton Chalberg, Oh Lord, was his name, funny, caring, and charismatic were his characteristics. We have all sinned, Lord, but why oh why must you put this burden on so many peoples shoulders?"

In today's society, it seems taboo to talk of death in a positive manner. However, I believe that there is a positive side to each and ever death. Death marks the end of one's life, and sparks the beginning of another. Nate left this world in a blink of an eye, but continues to live on within his family, friends, and mentors. I grew up with Nate, and to this day I could delve into each and every peccadillo that he ever encompassed. Whether it's his third nipple or his high-pitched screechy-laugh, I always looked up to him and I knew that he was who I wanted to model my life after. Every day I think of Nate. I reminisce of all the memories shared and I know that he is watching over me. Some people think that we will never see each other again. I tell him, "I just can't wait to see how you've been".

Nate, to this day, I live every day of my life with no fears, worries, or regrets, just as you did. However, there is one regret that I must share with you. Throughout our lives, I never really got a chance to share with you my everlasting love and compassion for you. To this day, I express my love for you through your parents and your brother, Jon. However, I just need to say one thing to you, Nate.

I love you and I miss you.

Oh Lord, please help each and every person with their grief through prayer and praise.

Nate, I'll be waiting to see you...

Your friend,


Erich Geisler

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Anniversary date - 7-14-97
Date of post - 4-10-00

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