My Friend Joel


Hello all, I know I am only 13, but please, take me seriously. On January 21, 11:21 I watched one of my good friends die. His name was Joel,me, my brother,an old friend,and Joel went rapelling,it was a clear night. I had never seen the stars shine so bright!

Joel loved the stars,and space. mMe and Joel were so excited to get to the top of the cliff, we were ahead of the other two, he was telling me where to walk and where not to walk, and laughed at me when I would fall in the mud. When we got to the top I had a weird feeling in my stomach, as I started to go down the cliff, I stopped, told them I didn't want to do it, it just didn't feel right. I sat by a tree where the rope was tied. I thought I heard noises in the bushes, so I asked my brother to come look to see if anything was up there, he came up, and was saying some thing, and i heard a loud sound, like one of the boys threw a rock off the cliff, I turned, there was only one person standing there, he started to yell that the rope broke and Joel had fallen, I just started to scream not knowing what to think. My brother (who is 16 by the way) started to run down the side of the cliff, I ran after him, I was screaming to him to let Joel live, when I got there, I saw him, covered in blood, he looked like a rag doll, I just started to scream,and cry, my heart hurt, I didn't know what to do, it felt like a nightmare, I wish it was. Chris was doing CPR for about 20 to 30 minuets until the ambulance came and took Joel, I saw them take him, I want to to go with, but I forgot how to talk, I could not ask to come. Then the cops started to drill us with questions, all I could think of was Joel, then they told me he didn't make it, I screamed, dropped to my knees, yelling his name over and over saying; "you can't leave me, you cant go!" I felt like my heart had been torn out and thrown on the ground and stepped on.


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