Glenda Loses 19 Year Old Son

Glenda Sparks

We lost our son,my best friend on Aug 30th,99. He was such a great kid,and a great person.I will never believe that he is gone! He was on his way to work that morning,had to drive 50 miles. He never made it. We got a phone call that night from his cousin,wondering why he didn't show up for work that day. We knew right then that something was terribly wrong. Our son "Tommy" was always so responsible. We looked for him all week. He wasn't found until 6 days later. He had gone to sleep,and went off the road. He was hid in brush right off a busy highway. We had even been driving right by where he was ALL week. I know God didn't intend for us to find him at that time. I loved my son so much,and keep asking God why it couldn't have been me instead of him. His life was just starting. I have never known such pain in my life. I still feel so numb,and so helpless. We now only have a 17 year old daughter, her and Tommy were really close. The missing him is just so bad. I just hope someday,when it's my time to go, that I will meet my son again. But,eternally this time! I love You so much Tommy, and we miss you...Mom

Glenda Sparks

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