Serving Our Lord With My Children


My children: Joseph Anthony 8-5-79 ~ 8-11-80, William James 9-29-97 ~ 4-20-98 and Julissa who was unborn when she joined her brothers, 5 weeks after William met with Jesus.

As all innocents go to Heaven, I know my children are there in Heaven. And for those of us that have been in our flesh long enough to know the temptations it can cause, we will go to Heaven if we invite the Lord into our Hearts and live by His Word.

How could anyone not want to go to Heaven? Perhaps they were not raised to believe in it, and our Lord strongly enough. Perhaps they are unable to resist temptation enough to want to follow His Word. But, for those whose children have gone before them, isn't being able to rejoin your children enough incentive to at least consider it? It was a long and hard struggle for me to see things this way, and now that I finally have seen it this way, I have known a peace that I've never known previously. And yet, I miss my children so, but I know that by living by His Word, with Him lovingly invited into my heart, not only will I be able to go to Heaven, but will be able to rejoin my children, serving Him in all goodness along with my loved ones that have gone before me.

I have had a few visits from my children, not nearly enough if I had my way, but they were very special to me, the visits were. Mostly, they happened in my sleep.

I will continue to pray, for myself to be able to resist temptation and to follow His word, and the same for others, people I know in real life, online and for those that I have not met yet. I will serve Him in the way that He leads me to. And, when it becomes my time to go to Heaven, to meet my maker and rejoin my children and family that have gone before me, I will not grieve for myself, but will rejoice for the invitation to go to Heaven.

Thank you Lord Jesus, for allowing me to be able to go to Heaven, despite my sins, for sacrificing Your Blood to cleanse my sins. Thank You, Dear Lord, for giving all of us our Savior, Your Son Jesus, so that our sins would be cleansed, to teach us Your forgiveness and Your love.

Your Humble Servant,


Children Of Heaven


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Anniversary date - 8-11-80 / 4-20-
Date of post - 4-3-00

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