Richard The Lion Hearted

B. Johnson

We lost our number 5 son 2 weeks ago. He was my Richard the lion hearted. He had problems that we did not see. He loved us and his family wife & new baby girl but he had made past mistakes & couldn't go on so this son that made us laugh & was so great at family functions took his own life & left siblings neices & nephews & of course his dad & I are devastated. Sitting with him on life support and then saying goodbye was the most painful work, yes work, because it was so hard. We are praying & walking with the Lord as we know he will hold us as he has promised.So many friends have written cards about Rich that we know not only do we miss him, but so many others do too. Remember to tell your love ones how much they are loved.

B. Johnson

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Date of post - 4-1-00

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