I Would Like to Think You''d Be Proud

Heather L. Greene

Dear Mom,

I placed a letter in your casket for you to read while you were away. It's been nearly 20 years since then. I am now the age you were when you died, leaving dad to try to raise us alone. (we *both* know better....)

I think you would be proud of how I helped. The boys, Peter and John, are both healthy and strong. I helped instill in them pride and knowledge for who you were and where you came from.

I would like to think you'd be proud of me, too. I've kept in touch with your friends, and I've even made some of my own. Strange to know that the daughter you last knew as a seven-year old terror has grown up to admire and revere your memory.

Please know that you are missed and that, while we don't know quite what caused it, your death was a surprise and dad did try to save you.

We've kept you in our hearts and in our memories.

Rest well.

Love, Heather

Heather L. Greene

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Anniversary date - 8-7-82
Date of post - 3-24-00

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