A Daughters Love for You Dad

Sally Erhardt


Dad you were so brave,

And oh so much Love you gave.

I remember the day you told me you had cancer,

We Cried, We Embraced, We Cried.

You found me weeping, we sat, we talked,

Together You and Me.

We had great hopes for a cure,

But in my heart there was fear.

Ten months of hope, wonder, worry and maze,

Hoping and praying for a miracle everyday.

Many words and prayers that were spoken,

My heart was still oh so broken.

Everything was so unclear,

I didn't want you to disappear.

You didn't have the will to fight,

Hoping you would fight with all your might.

The Last days watching you fade,

Watching you suffer with pain, I was afraid.

I would sit by your bed and hold your hand,

Hoping you could help me to understand.

Your days of travel,

Were about to unravel.

I knew that day at sunset, in my heart,

I would be watching you take that last breath and depart.

Holding you tight, I didn't want to let you go,

But God came and took you home.

My heart is filled with so much sorrow,

Yesterdays, Today and will be Tomorrow.

In my heart and soul, early next morning,

I felt your loving touch caress me.

Your whispering voice saying to me, not to cry no more.

For God has opened his door.

You and Me, We were special to each other,

To Me you were a wonderful Father.

In my sleep,

I still do weep.

But as days and time goes by and I ask Why,

In Spirit and Mind, I will Find.

Peace, For God has set you free,

Dad, I do feel You, here with Me.

Memories is all that I have left,

But ya know Dad, You were the Best.

Forever Gone but Forever in My Heart,

I Miss You and Love You !

Sally Erhardt

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