A Son So Soon Departed

Larry Varty

Your first few falt'ring steps led to my breast,

There guided by my loving outstretched arms.

O how I held you close, and felt so blest

To love, protect, to keep you safe from harm.

Your last few falt'ring steps I was not there,

To wrap my arms around your trembling frame,

To hold you close and ply a mother's care,

When slowly was extinguished, your life's flame.

Into the darkness of that lonely night,

In bitter cold, alone you stumbled on,

Till as an arrow finished in its flight

You fell to earth before another dawn.

O Father, God above, I humbly pray,

Grant me the peace and strength I need this day.

Larry Varty March 14, 2000

These thoughts were written solely for the comfort of my wife. She felt she would like to share them in the hope that others may find comfort in them as well.

AARON LIN RUSSELL, son of Linda Varty, died of exposure after walking about 4 km from a vehicle which became stuck in a remote area of the Milk River Ridge South West of Warner. Given the higher elevation, with its lower temperature and increased humidity, and also the strong wind (which he was walking into), the local weather forecaster calculated the equivalent wind chill factor at about -20 C. Not being dressed for such conditions, and having expended considerable body heat and energy in trying to free the vehicle, he rapidly succumbed to hypothermia and died, most likely about 4 or 5 a.m. on Friday, February 25, 2000. Mercifully, his body, which could have remained undiscovered for some time, was found Saturday, March 04, 2000. He was 17 years old.

Larry Varty

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