Two Sons Too Soon

Linda Talbott

Tony was a handsome loving guy who suffered from manic depression and paranoid schizophrenia and was on the medication Clozoril which destroyed his liver. He died instantly from a seizure caused by his liver failure. He was twenty five. The last words he spoke as he left our house were, "Mom feed my fish." He had a very large aquarium and two freshwater sharks. He was an organ donor.

Rex was an equally attractive man in a different way. He also had a kind way about him but not as outgoing as his big brother. He had both the same illnesses. Rex became so depressed after Tony's death that he took his own life and he was also a donor. They were able to save one eye for eye bank to be used up to five years and numerous leg bones and tissue and tendons. It's a miracle to be able share this gift. God is so good to us! Linda

Linda Talbott

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