My Son Jim, One of the Good Ones

Scott Reinard

On December 21st, 1999, our son Jim had a nice day. He drove one of his girlfriends to the dentist...he almost had a car accident...his own car would not start...he laughed himself silly with a friend...he played music with a friend...he had a small fight with his girlfriend (patched it up)...

The night before, he walked down the stairs to his room saying, "Good night, Mom...good night, Dad!" I answered, "Good night, son." I had no idea these would be the last words I would say to my dear son.

The next evening, at about 7:15 pm, he got off the phone with his girlfriend and picked up an electric guitar and began to play. He couldn't have played very long when, his heart stopped and his blood pressure dropped and he never felt himself hit the floor.

My wife and I were at work all day. We had a long day (since it was a few days before Christmas) and came home to find an ambulance and police car in our driveway. Our son had died and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

Now I am faced with continuing life without my only child, my buddy, my FRIEND, my son. Somehow I know I will be happy again someday...I know this because I KNOW JIMMY!!!! He would not have wanted us to fall apart. At 18 he was 10 times the man that I am at 40. He should have lived.

He was athletic, not a jock (never watched sports on TV...EVER [that's my boy!!]) He was a BRILLIANT martial artist and an EXCELLENT musician.

His future was as bright as was his beautiful smile.

My heart is broken. I will go on, but I will not go a single day if I live to be ONE THOUSAND YEARS OLD without thinking about my son Jim.

Scott Reinard

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Date of post - 3-12-00

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