My Best Friend, Joey

Janice Lee Poh Woon

I really miss Joey a lot. Sometime I really hope I could "follow her" to heaven. I will always remember 15 June 99, the day when my husband called to say she is dead. I just couldn't believe my ears and I just burst out crying in front of my boss.

The telephone conversation we had a few days ago flashed over, she promised to come over to my new home to stay but now she had landed up in the lord's home. I have not seen any dead person before, but the sight of her lying dead in the hospital bed really scared me, her lips and face are so purplelish and white and she is so quiet...its not her usual self. Its really hard for me to accept that she is gone.

We have known each other for over 20 years and I know she has got a heart problem since young but at least I thought she will live longer and not just 29 years. She is such a pretty girl and she is always worried about growing old...but I guess she need not worry now.....

Both of us love Barbie Dolls and not long after her death, I dreamt that her sister passed me a Barbie doll saying it belonged to her. A check with her sister the next day confirmed that the very first Barbie doll she bought was not placed in her coffin. Her nephew of 8 years "saw her" in their house kitchen one day, she was wearing white and she looked pretty. All these things made us believe she is still somewhere around....its just that we could not hear or touch her anymore. I still cried when I saw her photos..and when I think of her, especially the fond memories she left me. I always tell myself I will meet her one day.....its a matter of time. It makes me feel better when I just imagine that she is somewhere overseas....but it also a heartache when I needed so much to just talk to her and hear her voice again........

Janice Lee Poh Woon

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Anniversary date - 6-15-99
Date of post - 3-29-00

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