In Memory of Amy

Anne P. Glanville

"My cousin Amy died on May 3rd, 1999. It was a Monday...and I found out about it on Wednesday, which was the worst day of my life. My parents came to get me at school, and met me in the Dean's office. As soon as I saw them, I knew something was terribly wrong, but never in a million years did I think it was Amy. My parents started to cry as soon as I walked into the room. My initial reaction was something had happened to my little brother. I felt relief for a brief moment when they said it wasn't him. But, Amy? Why her, why now? She was only 25. I couldn't fathom it... I broke down. I cried for days and days. Most people remember funerals and wakes as blurs. I remember Amy's as clearly as f it were yesterday... it really seems like it was. My best friend went to the wake and held me up the whole time. I couldn't handle it. My most vivid memory of the funeral is walking behind the casket and sitting behind Amy's parents and brother. I reached out and touched my cousin Brian's shoulder and he just turned his head and looked at me through tear-filled eyes. During the ceremony, we all greated out neighbor and wished them peace. I couldn't get the words out when Brian turned around to me... we just held each other. No words were needed. It was a "grief that can't be spoken, though the pain goes on and on."

At the funeral and wake I realized exactly how many people loved Amy. There were people I had never met, and neither had her parents... but Amy would have known every single person, who they were married to or dating, how many children they had, the children's names and ages.. and more. That was just the way she was! Absolutely amazing. She had worked at a grocery store, and made friends with the florist. I guess one day Amy asked her to bring flowers if anything ever happend to her. Well, that woman showed up at the funeral with the flowers and her story. Amy was a remarkable woman, and I miss her with all of my heart. You never realize what was there until it is gone. I think of her everyday of my life. I have her picture next to my bed, and an angel pin on my shelf to remind me that Amy was truly an angel.

I ask everyone who reads this to take the time to tell someone how much they are loved, because you may not get a second chance. I know Amy is watching over me now as my guardian angel, and I thank God for that. I couldn't ask for a better angel to guard me.

I miss Amy with all of my heart and soul, but I know she has gone ahead to serve a higher purpose. I have yet to understand what it is, but I am slowly coming to terms. I wish I could have had the chance to say goodbye, but I am glad that she did not suffer. I would rather have that than have seen her in pain.

Don't be afraid to say how you feel. You may not ever get the chance again!!"

Anne P. Glanville

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